Tips for Preparing for an International School Interview

Congratulations on finding the right international school for your child. However, they overcome a few barriers to secure your position. Applying for international schools in Bangkok is slightly different from local, private, or public schools. Some international schools require students to complete an interview to get a position. 


Bangkok Underground has created this guide to help parents and students prepare for an international school interview. 


Start Preparing Early


The secret to passing an international school interview, or any other way, is To start preparing early. International schools in Bangkok require students to complete interviews to get as much information as possible from prospective students. That's why you should start practicing as early as possible. 


Start by practicing introduction so that you can stand out from the crowd. You can also sample international school interview questions to know what to expect. Above all, iron your clothes early and pack your belongings to avoid last-minute disappointment.  


Have a Mock Interview


Another brilliant way to prepare for your upcoming interview is to have a mock interview. Parents can also ask questions to prepare the child for the interview. While at it, ask common questions your child might encounter during the interview. 


Find Out More About the School 


The chances are that the interview panel will ask your child why they want to join that school. The best way to prepare for this question is to research the school. Find out how the school is different from the rest. You can also find out whether the child has additional facilities compared with other international schools in Bangkok. 


Get Enough Sleep


Although you might be anxious, getting enough sleep before D-Day is always a good idea. As mentioned earlier, the interview having designed to extract information from you. As a result, you must be fresh to impress the panel. If you are having trouble sleeping, try mindfulness meditation to boost the quality of your sleep. 


Final Words


To ace an international school interview, you must prepare early and research the school. Additionally, be well rested before D-day. 


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