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What is boarding school in Thailand like?

Boarding school in Thailand typically offer a unique educational experience where students reside on campus and receive both academic instruction and accommodation. Here are some key aspects of boarding schools in Thailand



The Highlights of European Apples that You Should Know

European apples are among the most popular fruits in the world and for a good reason. With a wide range of varieties and flavors, they are a staple of the continent's culinary culture, enjoyed both fresh and cooked in countless dishes. In this article, we will explore the highlights of European apples that you should know.





A Muffle Furnace Buying Guide

If you are looking for an energy-efficient unit for high-temperature heating like heat treating or ashing, then a muffle furnace is your best bet. Modern muffle furnaces use less space and can help you handle almost all heat treatment tasks. However, you must choose the right muffle furnace for your specific heat treatment tasks and budget. 



Tips for Preparing for an International School Interview

Congratulations on finding the right international school for your child. However, they overcome a few barriers to secure your position. Applying for international schools in Bangkok is slightly different from local, private, or public schools. Some international schools require students to complete an interview to get a position. 


Bangkok Underground has created this guide to help parents and students prepare for an international school interview. 


Start Preparing Early




ถังบำบัดน้ำเสียสำเร็จรูปคืออะไร? (SATS)


Why Taking Your Child to an International School Thailand is Essential

There are so many differences between international schools and traditional schools. If you are located in Thailand, it is vital to ensure you take your child to the ideal international school. Your child will have a valuable experience and the best education. This will prepare them for the career they want to pursue in the future.


Advantages of Educating Your Kid in International Schools in Thailand

In the past, many people regarded international schools as a preserve for kids from wealthy backgrounds. This notion is slowly fading away, as people know the benefits of enrolling their kids in such learning institutions.


Recommending the accommodation near Hospital may sound a bit intimidating to you

We know, the last thing you want to happen to you whilst on your holiday is “getting sick.” How about, the accommodation that is located nearby all facilities including the hospital.
It’s always better to be well informed and knowledgeable about what is around you including the nearest medical centre.



Conveniently situated Office space for rent Bangkok

Interchange21 office tower is the ideal place if you are looking for office space for rent Bangkok. It’s a Grade A building consisting in size of 41,500 square meters. It really amounts to having all that you need with its office tower of large floor space, beautiful views over the city for example of the new Benjakitti Park. It is perfectly and strategically located and in direct access to the BTS sky train/MRT subway.

A Helping Hand in Grooming Your Child

There was a time when only two types of schools were running in Thailand, the public schools and the private schools. The public schools were owned and managed by the state while the private schools were privately managed and run. However, with the passage of time and the influx of a greater number of expats and foreigners, a new breed of schooling system was introduced in Thailand which was totally different from the private and public schools; these were termed as international schools.



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