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Bangkok Underground is a secret and hidden underground website dedicated to providing you with the latest information about Bangkok culture and nightlife tinted with an alternative slant. If you are tired of the same old clubs and bars or nights out and fancy something different then check out our features bar and restaurant reviews.

We guarantee you won’t have tried the places or attractions we feature on our site. All of our restaurants are guaranteed to give you a magical night with a twist of the unexpected and this makes sure that your night and time in Bangkok is unforgettable. Relaxing by the pool or chilling on a rooftop in the newest bar the underground team and crew have been there and we are ready and excited to share what we find with you.

But the night does not end there. We love to get you up and dancing too so we know all the coolest and hip clubs to visit if you are tired of the same tourist destinations too. The night is still young after all and you can relax with our promotions and discounts from every place that we feature which are given away every month. Pass on our discount and promotions to your friends and family too – we believe that sharing is caring after all.

All you have to do is promote us to your friends via social network and you get discounts and we even want you to write about your experience too because we can visit the coolest places in Bangkok and share them with you but we want you to tell us what you thought and whether our reviews were spot on and correct or way off the mark and wrong.

We love all our fans and you can be proud to be a member of Bangkok’s hottest and newest trendsetters – welcome to the underground!


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